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Class A/B District live results links

A1-Gretna, 5/7/24 (Joyful Nerd)

A2-Papio South, 5/7/24 (Nerd Dawg)

A3-Lincoln, 5/7/24 (Nerdsam 11:00-4:00)

A4-Kearney, 5/7/24 (Nerdell partial day)

B1-Waverly, 5/7/24 (Nerd Sr.)

B2-Fort Calhoun, 5/7/24

B3-Norris, 5/7/24 (Nerdka)


B4-Boone Central, 5/7/24

B5-Aurora, 5/7/24 (Nerd atTack, Nerd Convert)

B6-Ogallala, 5/7/24

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