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While our main emphasis is on writing, we often take photos at cross country and track meets.  Full albums are located at  If you want to replicate the quality our photos, we have a few hints for you at our article at  We do have a few guidelines for our photos:

  • If you're an athlete, family member, friend or school, you can share and/or download the photos and use at your discretion, but other media outlets may not use those photos. We'd appreciate a photo credit if you post on social media or Strava.  

  • If you're on the high school yearbook staff and want to use a photo, DM us or send an e-mail and we'll arrange for you to get the high-resolution version at no cost.

  • If you're a media member, paid or unpaid, we ask that you contact us for consent to use our photos. Over the past year, we've shared our photos with with local newspapers and television stations, as well as national TV outlets (NBC Nightly News, Good Morning America) and websites (The Stride Report and many others). It's an unusual hobby to be sure, but the Nerd team devotes about 60 hours a week in-season to covering T&F. Consequently, we're a bit protective about other media outlets using our photos without our permission.


Recent Albums

Spring 2022 Track & Field

5/18/22-5/21/22 - State - we're in the process of uploading these to our FB account.  Due to the large number of pictures, FB has reduced our access.  Be patient.  We take cool pics.

5/10/22 - A-1 District  Boys  Girls

5/10/22 - A-2 District  Boys  Girls

5/10/22 - A-3 District  Boys  Girls

5/10/22 - A-4 District  Boys  Girls

5/07/22 - PAL meet Boys  Girls 

5/03/22 - Metros  Boys  Girls  Unified 

5/03/22 - HAC  Boys  Girls  Unified

4/28/22 - Benson  Boys  Girls

4/27/22 - LPS    Boys Girls 

4/23/22 - Creighton @ Iowa

4/21/22 - Harold Scott  Boys  Girls

4/19/22 - Trackfest  Boys  Girls

4/15/22 - Drake collegiate meet

4/15/22 - Fremont  Boys and Girls

4/14/22 - Elkhorn  Boys  Girls  1600m video

4/14/22 - Central  Boys  Girls

4/9/22 - Gretna   Boys   Girls

4/9/22 - Millard South  Boys  Girls

4/8/22 - Benson   Boys   Girls

4/2/22 - Westside  Boys  Girls  Unified

4/1/22 - Columbus 

4/1/22 - Platteview  Boys  Girls  Unified

3/26/22 - Boys Town 

3/25/22 - Doane HS  Boys  Girls Video Recap  Full Boys/Girls 1600 

03/19/22 - College St. Mary  Boys  Girls Video Recap  

03/18/22 - Elkhorn South  Boys  Girls

03/05/22 - NAIA nationals Men  Women

02/18/22 - UNL Tune-Up Men  Women  

02/13/22 - Concordia 1600 races Compilation video

02/06/22 - CSM HS 1600 races Girls Heat 1  Girls Heat 2  Boys Heat 2

02/05/22 - USD Alumni  Men  Women Video Recap 

01/29/22 - UNL Adidas Men  Women  Video Recap  Men's Mile 

01/22/22 - SDSU Men  Women  Field  Video Recap

01/16/22 - CSM HS meet Photos  Video

01/14/22 - UNL Grad Classic Men Women

Older Photos