Meet results

The Nerd scans (not 'scours', because that would overstate the effort involved) the Internet to bring you links to the latest races.  If meet results aren't posted to, did they really even happen?

State results 10/22/21

Districts results 10/14/21

Class A District A-1, A-2, A-3, A-4 (Pioneers Park)

District B-1 (Platteview)

District B-2 (Mt. Michael)

District B-3 (Seward)

District B-4 (Ogallala)

District C-1 (Fort Atkinson)

District C-2 (Raymond Central)

District C-3 (Pierce)

District C-4 (Aurora)

District C-5 (Ogallala)

District D-1 McCool Junction

District D-2 (Pender)

District D-3 (Ainsworth)

District D-4 (Franklin)

District D-5 (Cambridge)

District D-6 (Bridgeport)

Most of the top-15 results and team scores for Class B, C and D are posted at under the Districts tab.