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Collegiate Running & Recruiting

The current crop of high school runners may hold a future Olympian (does Emily Sisson ring a bell?), and it definitely includes dozens of future collegiate runners.  Nebraska and the surrounding states offer plentiful options to compete at  the D1, D2, D3 and NAIA levels.  Every NCAA division offers the opportunity to extend your competitive career and enhance your college experience. 


Class of 2022 commmits

For the Class of 2022, we expanded our list of commitments to include all T&F disciplines.  Here's the list.  


Big East photos

We traveled to Carmel (IN) on 10/29/21 for the Big East championships.  

Women's photos

Men's photos 


Class of 2023 commits

We're tracking commitments for the Class of 2023 XC and T&F athletes.  Here's the list.


Woody Greeno photos

We traveled to Lincoln on 9/18/21 for the Woody Greeno 27-team meet.  

Women's photos

Men's photos 

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