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On this page, you'll find our rankings for both Cross Country and Track. Though in many ways they are similar, the approach we've taken to recognizing outstanding athletes is different for each season. For Cross Country, we are strong believers that individual 5k times aren't a great way to judge runners. There are so many variables across each meet, such as weather, competition, course difficulty/length, and several others. For our XC rankings, instead of just looking at who has the fastest PR, we observe how each athlete fares throughout the season and make subjective projections about their placement within the landscape of Nebraska running.

In track, the opposite is true. Times and marks are much more objective, so we're not going to waste our time trying to convince you that someone with a slower time or shorter jump is better than another athlete; we're just going to present the facts as they are given to us. We've created a Google Sheets dedicated to keeping up with the best times, throws, and jumps in the state, which has been provided to us via and coaches from all around.  Please keep in mind that the track spreadsheet is not 'real time' - there is a delay between when results are posted online and when they're reflected on our spreadsheet.  In addition, paper results have to been manually input by Nerd the Third so that time time delay is longer than the online lag.  

2024 Track:

Rankings Spreadsheet

(Due to data migration issues beyond our control that have resulted in a number of top State performances being excluded, we have disabled the link to our 2024 rankings lists.)

2023 Track:

Rankings Spreadsheet

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