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XC results

Each weekend the Nerd team asks our Twitter and Facebook followers to help us build a meet list for the next week.  We use that list to chase down results and determine where our brave Nerd photographers will go.  Don't see your team's meet or meet results on this week's schedule?  Shoot a DM or e-mail jayslagle@hotmail.  

Results week ended 9/23/23

Bon Homme, SD, 9/18/23

LPS middle school, 9/18/23

Adams Central, 9/19/23 10:00 (Speedwalker, High Mileage Nerd)

Creighton Prep, 9/19/23 4:00 (Nerd Sr.) 

Franklin, 9/19/23 4:15

Malcolm, 9/19/23 3:00 (Nerdka)

Mount Michael, 9/19/23 2:30 (Joyful Nerd)

Palmer @ Chapman, 9/19/23 4:30

Elkhorn MS @ Ta Ha Zouka, 9/20/23 4:30

Millard North MS, 9/20/23 3:30

OPS Omaha Bryan MS, 9/20/23 (Nerd Dawg)

Aspen Creek MS, 9/21/23

Crofton 9/21/23 - Cx'd 

Doniphan-Trumbull, 9/21/23

Falls City, 9/21/23 4:30

Fort Calhoun @ Ft. Atkinson, 9/21/23 4:30

Gordon-Rushville, 9/21/23

Lincoln North Star @ PP, 9/21/23 (Nerd Dawg)

Maywood-Hayes Center, 9/21/23 

Nebraska City, 9/21/23 4:30

North Bend GC, 9/21/23 4:30

Ogallala @ Crandall Creek GG, 9/21/23 (Word Nerd)

Thayer @ Hebron GC, 9/21/23 (Speedwalker)

Boone Central, 9/22/23 4:30

Ord, 9/22/23 4:00 (Broken Nerd)

Wayne State collegiate, 9/22/23

Doane college/HS/JH, 9/23/23 (Nerd Dawg)

Rim Rock @ KU, 9/23/23

Roy Griak @ Minnesota, 9/23/23

Results week ended 10/15/22

LSE JV, 10/11/22

Districts on 10/13/22:

A-1, Pioneers Park  (Nerd Jr. on site)

A-2, Norfolk  (Nerd Sr. on site)

A-3, Pioneers Park  (Nerd Jr. on site)

A-4, Norfolk  (Nerd Sr. on site) 

B-1, Mount Michael  (Nerd HD on site)

B-2, Mount Michael  (Nerd HD on site)

B-3, Overton/Lex  (guest Nerd Tim Brayton)

B-4, Overton/Lex  (guest Nerd Tim Brayton)

C-1, Auburn

C-2, Waterloo/DC West

C-3, Pierce   (possible Hurdle Nerd on site)

C-4, Hastings/Adams Central  (Nerd Central and Broken Nerd on site)

C-5, Ogallala

D-1, McCool Junction  (Nerdlee on site) 

D-2, Hastings/St. C's  (Nerd Central and Broken Nerd on site)

D-3, Pender

D-4, Ainsworth

D-5, Cambridge

D-6, Bridgeport   (CW Nerd and High Mileage Nerd on site)

Fremont JV meet, 10/14/22

Millard West JV meet, 10/14/22

Platte River Rumble collegiate, 10/14/22  (Nerd Jr., Nerd Sr.)

Results week ended 9/17/22

Districts results 10/14/21

Class A District A-1, A-2, A-3, A-4 (Pioneers Park)

District B-1 (Platteview)

District B-2 (Mt. Michael)

District B-3 (Seward)

District B-4 (Ogallala)

District C-1 (Fort Atkinson)

District C-2 (Raymond Central)

District C-3 (Pierce)

District C-4 (Aurora)

District C-5 (Ogallala)

District D-1 McCool Junction

District D-2 (Pender)

District D-3 (Ainsworth)

District D-4 (Franklin)

District D-5 (Cambridge)

District D-6 (Bridgeport)

Most of the top-15 results and team scores for Class B, C and D are posted at under the Districts tab.


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