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9/28/22 Nerdsletter

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Contributor: The Nerd


We'll just lead off with this because there's bound to be some confusion. The rankings we posted on Tuesday, 9/27, do reflect the UNK results - we decided to include them while thinking deep thoughts on the long drive back from Kearney - but the rankings do not necessarily reflect the finishing order from UNK. There are two major reasons for this:

  1. While UNK gave us head-to-head competition for many of the state's best runners, it doesn't include every team, so there were athletes who either didn't run at UNK or whose teams didn't compete who can't be excluded from the rankings.

  2. Great athletes don't always run their best at a given meet, particularly a mid-season meet, so we try not to overemphasize one bad race when the runner has had four weeks of consistent marks. We honor the actual finishing order of the State meet, but everything else is just a process. For example, if we have athletes ranked #2 and #3 going into UNK and the #3 runner beats the #2 runner, we're more than likely to flip-flop those runners in the rankings. However, even that rule isn't strictly followed in light of previous results.

With those caveats, the 9/27/22 rankings link can be found at

UNK recap

Instead of a breakdown of rankings by class, we're mostly going to focus on the UNK race for this Nerdsletter since that field reflects well over half of each Class's ranked runners. We'll also refer to runners who didn't compete at UNK when they're at the top of the rankings, but we don't have the space or time to list every ranked runner.

Class D boys

This Class was notable for several reasons - for who ran this race and who didn't. First, top-ranked and undefeated (this season) Trey Robertson of Wallace used UNK's unique option to move up in Class, and he bit off the whole enchilada - he jumped from Class D to Class A. I've been told that Trey's racing style is to go hard from the start and then see how long he can hold on, and he told me after the UNK race that he didn't see a reason to change that approach against big-school competition. Consequently, our Class A photos will feature Trey leading the pack at 300 and 900 yards. He fell off the lead by 2500 meters but still held his own, finishing 18th in 17:04. Would he have run faster if he had taken a more measured approach at the start? Probably, but why not shoot your shot in the your one race - in your only XC season of your career - against the big boys?

In the actual Class D race, #2 Jarrett Miles of NP St. Pat's and #3 Mason McGreer of Perkins County raced for what we believe is the fourth time this year, and Mason picked up his second win over Jarrett in five days. After two relatively large winning margins by Jarrett to start the season, Mason topped Jarrett by 0.3 seconds at Ogallala last Thursday and then won the UNK title by a mere 0.11 seconds (17:12) on Monday. The boys traded several surges during the race; they were together at 900 and 2500 meters, Mason had a five-meter lead at 3000, and Jarrett had a 10-meter lead with 400 to go. Just a sophomore, Mason seems to be figuring out his race strategy, so he's our new #2 guy this week. Jarrett continues to have an impressive season and we're not counting him out of anything. This race did nothing to change our opinion that the best head-to-head battles this year have been in the Class D boys field - and particularly between Robertson, Miles and McGreer.

(A late addition to this commentary - since we had not edited pictures of UNK before we wrote this article, we failed to notice that Jarrett finished the race without shoes. According to his father's Facebook post, Jarrett moved insoles from one set of spikes to another, and he decided just after 3k that running barefoot was preferable to uncomfortable spikes. It's pretty tough to execute a finishing sprint in socks...)

Jacob Swanson, a freshman from Nebraska Christian, finished 3rd in 17:36 and earned a rankings promotion from #8 to #5. He didn't sneak into the 3rd position; he was just behind Miles and McGreer at 1k and ran alone with at least a 30-meter lead over fourth place for nearly all of the second half of the race. Brody Taylor of Ponca has been ranked for all but one week this season, and he jumps from #11 to #6 after finishing 4th on Monday in 17:40; he was followed by new #7 Robert Hrnchir (17:43) of Hastings St. Cecilia's, who is short on vowels but long on talent. Teammates Raden Orton and Mason Hagan of North Central didn't have their best races on Monday; they were #5 and #6 before finishing 6th and 12th at UNK, but they will bounce back. Kael Garrett, a freshman at Medicine Valley, was the biggest surprise of this race, finishing 8th after not being on our radar the first four weeks; he joins the rankings at #15. Keyton Cole of Axtell earned a promotion from our rankings watch list the last three weeks to #11 after finishing 9th at UNK.

Who wasn't at UNK? Justin Sherman and Benjamin Ehrenberg of Cornerstone Christian keep their #4 and #14 rankings, while Tyler Jelinek of West Holt stays at #9. With 42 teams scoring - and even more schools that didn't have three finishers - the UNK meet was definitely the place to be.

At this point in the season, the hunt for a team title seems to be a tight race between NP St. Pat's (25 points) and Nebraska Christian (32 points). Those two teams were ranked #1 and #2 in the most recent Class D poll. The wildcard is #3 Cornerstone Christian, which won't compete head-to-head with either of these teams until State.

Class D girls

Crofton didn't make the trip to UNK so we didn't get to see #1 and 2x-defending champ Jordyn Arens. We also missed 2019 champ Alayna Vargas of Hastings St. Cecilia's, who had a successful knee surgery over the summer but has ended her XC season due to other health issues. We didn't see a few other ranked girls - Katherine Kerrigan (Ainsworth), Gianna Frasher (Aquinas), Madison Davis (West Holt), Brekyn Kok (Cornerstone) and Payton Gerken (McCool Junction) - but there was still plenty of talent at the race.

Second-ranked Hannah Swanson (Nebraska Christian) and #3 Angela Frick (North Central) were side-by-side through the halfway point, with Isabelle Peters (Tri-County) and Braelyn Gifford (NP St. Pats) battling for 3rd. With 400 meters to go, Swanson had a 60-meter lead over the three-girl pack, and she won in 20:17. Frick, Peters and Gifford battled the last 600 meters with Frick taking the silver by just 0.35 seconds over Peters, with Gifford two seconds back.

Perhaps the most surprising showing came from the previously-unranked Hemingford team, who won the team title with just 17 points. Dakota Horstman came into the meet ranked 11th and finished in 5th, while unranked Carlye Kresl finished 6th and unranked Aurora Hinman finished 9th. The three girls finished between 21:18 and 21:25, easily outpacing #5 Doniphan-Trumbull (47 points), top-ranked Nebraska Christian (48 points) and #10 Homer (48 points). If the young Homer team led by freshman Lilly Harris is fully healthy, I think they pose the biggest threat to Hemingford, but Nebraska Christian (2nd in 2021) has the experience to make a run at the title.

Looking further down the results list, Anna Fitzgerald (Doniphan-Trumbull) finished 7th and settles in at the #9 ranking, while Chaney Nelson finished 10th in 21:32 and and improves to the #11 ranking. Fifteen of the top twenty finishers were freshmen or sophomores, so a few of them may be able to use the UNK experience to catapult to a higher place at State.

Class C boys

First, a clarification. There is no such thing as a State cross country record. There are course records and meet records, but the running community doesn't recognize State XC records because courses differ in difficulty and sometimes in length. Some observers are absolutely obnoxious in driving home this point, and I saw a tweet yesterday from a collegiate fan suggesting that XC races shouldn't even be timed since comparisons between courses are useless. That's an idiotic idea in a sport where individual PRs are a key measurement, but I wanted to mention this so we're using the correct terminology.

What most XC observers do recognize is course records, and particularly records for established courses like Kearney Country Club, Papio South (Walnut Creek) and Walnut Grove where races are held repeatedly and the course distance is presumably quite consistent. Consequently, Carson Noecker's (Hartington Newcastle) 14:51 on Monday is a huge deal. We confirmed with UNK coach Brady Bonsall that the previous course record was Seth Hirsch's (Millard West, Wisconsin, Colorado) 15:04.9 in at the State meet in 2016. This race marks Carson's third consecutive race under 15 minutes; he ran a converted 14:36 at Woodbridge on 9/16, 14:53 at Crofton on 9/22, and the 14:51 on 9/26. So yes, he's a freaking beast. (If you want to know more about Carson, check out last week's Nerdsletter at

I heard/read two interesting observations on Monday. One was from a fan who had never seen Carson run, and he diagnosed Carson's unique running style as a hip misalignment that could easily be fixed by a chiropractor. Umm, I don't think so. The second was a tweet that said that Carson was so good because he was willing to go into the depths of hell to run as fast as he could. Based on our previous conversations with Carson, I don't think he would agree with this observation. He's deeply devout, and Carson believes that he has been given a talent that he's obligated to fully utilize in order to honor God's gifts. That's why he never seems to take it easy in a race, no matter how large his lead.

The race behind Carson was equally compelling. Carter Hohlen (Lincoln Christian) and AJ Raszler (Platteview) were ranked #2 and #3, respectively, going into the race. Raszler had a one-step lead on Hohlen at 3000 meters, but Hohlen converted that to a 20-meter lead over the next mile and then held on for an 8-second finishing margin. Parker Graves led a trio of Gothenburg medalists with his 4th-place finish, followed by Yahriel Gaeta (9th) and Nathan Sager (13th), while teammate Ethan Olsen finished 22nd. The Swedes won the team title 45 to 66 over Fort Calhoun, with Arlington and Lincoln Christian close behind with 81 and 82 points. Don't count out any of those teams for a State title, particularly Fort Calhoun. Returning medalists Lance (6th) and Ely (11th) Olberding have cut down their times in the last month, and Fort Calhoun just need some slight improvements by Travis Skelton (25th), freshman William Dennis (27th) and Lawson Tjardes (31st) to repeat at State champs.

Other top finishers included 5th-place Lucas Gautier (Aurora), who has been ranked 5th the last four weeks after being unranked in pre-season and the first week of the season. Rowan Jarosik (South Central) finished 7th in 17:14 and improved one spot to 8th in our rankings, while Arlo's Nolan May ran 17:19 to finish 8th.

There were a few ranked boys not in the field, including #6 Dyami Berridge (Winnebago), #14 Jaxon Kilmurry (who won Battle Creek's first-ever individual meet title last week) and #15 Luke Woockman (Bloomfield-Wausa). I would have particularly liked to see Dyami race someone other than Northeast Nebraska kids, since my records reflect he's only lost to Noecker this year. I guess we'll have to wait for State to see how he compares.

Class C girls

I know it's nerdy that I had one race about which I was most excited, but it was definitely the Class C girls' race. Second-ranked Lindee Henning (Ogallala) has been dominating western Nebraska courses and competition so far this year, while we had yet to see #1 and defending champ Keeli Green (Arlington) reveal the speed she showed in her 2021 season. Keeli comes out blazing in almost every race she runs, and she had a slim lead over Lindee, Talissa Tanquary (Sidney) and Samantha Rodewald (McCook) at the 1000-meter mark. Keeli and Lindee were side-by-side at the halfway point, with Talissa 10 meters back and sophomore Lilly Kenning (Milford) another 10 meters behind. With 400 meters remaining, Green had a two-second lead over Henning but, to my eyes, Lindee looked like she had more left in the tank. However, Keeli increased her lead to 23 seconds by the finish line, winning in 19:29. Henning's 19:52 was her second-slowest time of the season, and I expect her to be sub-19:30 and possibly sub-19:00 with reasonable weather at State.

Lilly Kenning has had an up-and-down season but has never been ranked lower than 7th, and she finished third in 20:15, nine seconds ahead of Tanquary. Sophomore Hailey O'Daniel (Arlo) continues to impress with her 20:33, one second ahead of Jessie Hurt (Minden). Liston Crotty, a freshman at Auburn, ran the second-fastest time (20:39) of her brief career to finish 7th, followed by Lydia Stewart (Platteview), Eva Daniell (Lincoln Christian) and Sammy Rodewald. While Green, Henning

and Tanquary didn't move from their pre-race rankings (#1, #2 and #4), Lilly Kenning jumps from 5th to 3rd, Crotty improves from 11th to 8th, and Hurt moves up one spot to 7th. Eva Daniell was the biggest surprise of the race, skipping by the watch list and jumping from unranked to 11th this week.

Lincoln Christian was ranked 6th in the pre-UNK coaches' poll but won the title with 67 points, followed by #8 Auburn (80) and #7 DC West (97). Top-ranked McCook finished 4th (100), while Arlo finished 7th despite having two runners in the top five. I don't think the #2 Wayne girls had their best day on Monday and they still finished 5th with 104 points; the Krusemark twins will likely run much faster at State. Depth is crucial (and rare) in Class C, but we think at least five teams have the combination of high sticks and role players that give them a legitimate shot at the title.

As you can see from the picture above of Liston Crotty, it appears that after shooting 39 meets this year, the runners know where to find our cameras on the course. Thumbs up, Liston - you ran a heckuva race.

Class B boys

The top two boys in Class B didn't race at UNK; #1 Mesuidi Ejerso races in South Sioux's home meet later this week, while #2 Riley Boonstra (Norris) could have raced with his teammates but sat out with a minor injury. Fear not, however, because Lexington and Skutt brought eight ranked runners to the party.

The team jockeying was incredibly interesting in this race, which is saying quite a lot given that the individual competition was top notch with a lead pack of six runners at the halfway point. Lexington won the team title with 31 points while Skutt was six points back. Hastings was a distant third with 75 points and Elkhorn North was fourth with 92. With so much depth on both Lex and Skutt, it's clear that these will be the top two teams at State. If you're a Skutt fan, you like your chances given that Alex Rice and McCoy Haussler, ranked #9 and #10 prior to UNK, are capable of running faster than the times they ran on Monday. If you're a Lexington fan, you feel pretty confident given that Lex won the UNK Invite two days after winning the Crimson division at Rim Rock over teams like Regis Jesuit and St. James Academy (Lenexa).

In the individual race, Tommy Rice (Skutt) moved from 5th at 3000 meters to a 30-meter lead with

400 to go, and he held on for a 16:35 win - by far his most impressive race of the year and worthy of a #3 ranking this week. Austin Carrera, a sophomore at Hastings, was unranked until he debuted at #15 last Tuesday, just a few hours before he won the Adams Central Invite. He told a newspaper reporter at the AC meet that his goal was to be ranked by the Nerd, so he should be exceptionally pleased to see he's now #4 after the UNK race. He earned it - he was in 4th place with 400 meters to go. Jayden Ureste (Lex) was in 2nd at 3000 and 4600 meters before finishing 3rd in 16:46, three seconds behind Carrera. Jack Wade (Skutt) was the leader at 3000 meters before finishing 4th in 16:51, while Elijah Dix (Plattsmouth) was 5th in 16:54.

We made quite a few changes in the Class B rankings, particularly amongst the Skutt and Lexington boys, but once again we must remind you - rankings are just a guess. For example, Oscar Aguado-Mendez dropped from #3 to #8 after finishing 7th at UNK, but that ignores that he was the top Lexington finisher at Rim Rock two days prior. We've said it before, but the Lexington and Skutt boys are exceptionally difficult to rank - neither team has an established pecking order, and any of top four or five boys could be the team's fastest finisher each week.

Aside from the Lex/Skutt machines, Elkhorn High had impressive performances from Ethan Walters (9th, 17:06) and Brayden Geiger (11th, 17:13). Gus Lampe of Roncalli finished 8th in 17:00 and moved up two spots in the rankings to #10. Hans Bastron (Scottsbluff) seems to be improving with every race, running a season-best 17:11 at UNK to move from the watch list into #13.

Class B girls

All of the pre-UNK ranked girls competed at UNK, so this race is perhaps the best preview of State. Neither #1 Maddie Seiler (Gering) nor #2 Kassidy Stuckey (York) had lost to a Nebraska girl this season, and they had posted a combined six sub-19:30 races before UNK. Seiler had a 5-meter lead at 1000 meters, extended it to about 25 meters at the halfway point, and maintained that lead through the tape. She ran 19:14 followed by Stuckey's 19:25. The Norris gang took three of the next four spots, with Atlee Wallman - typically Norris' 2nd or 3rd finisher, leading the way in 3rd with a 19:34. Teammate Kendall Zavala followed in 19:58, then Ella Ford (Elkhorn North) in 20:10, and Ellie Thomas (Norris) had a rare off day with a 20:29. We've kept the pre-UNK rankings for the top six girls based on consistent performances (particularly from Thomas) in their four or five weeks of racing. However, Tessa Greisen (Seward) jumps from #15 to #7 after finishing 7th at Kearney; her last three races have been impressive. Teammate Karnie Gottschalk jumps from unranked to #9 after finishing 9th at UNK, while Josie Pogge (Skutt) improves to #8 after finishing 8th at UNK.

In the team race, Norris is the class of the Class with four girls in the top 12 and appears well-positioned to defend its title. Elkhorn North finished second with 57 points; Jenna Polking finished a surprising 10th (20:53) and joins the rankings, and Paityn Christoffels medaled in 14th. Britt Prince (28th), Kailey O'Brien (30th), Avery Melendrez (33rd) and Anna Ripley (36th) give Elkhorn North a crazy amount of depth. Bennington (88) and Skutt (100) followed in 3rd and 4th, but they're going to need great team performances to get on the podium at State.

Emma Steffensen (Waverly) was ranked 11th prior to the meet and remains at #11 despite not finishing. The Kearney course has seen a number of DNF's among ranked runners the last few years, and Monday's meet included notable DNF's in almost every race. There's a reason that so many teams use UNK as a dress rehearsal for State, and anyone with a DNF should take what they can from their race and forget about the rest. Every runner experiences failure, and a bad race at a hard course is just part of the sport. It's the regular season. It just doesn't matter.

Class A boys

While the UNK meet featured two-thirds of the ranked boys in Class A, we were missing three of the top six: #1 Isaac Ochoa (Norfolk), #4 Max Myers (LSW) and #6 Zack Schultz (Millard North). We expected the highlight of the race to be the battle between #2 Issac Graff (Lincoln East) and #3 Juan Gonzalez (Fremont), and we were not disappointed. There were nine boys in a tight lead pack at 2700 meters - Jack Witte and Piercze Marshall (Millard West), Luke Johnson (ElkSouth), Graff and Hudson Davy (Lincoln East), Noah Lawrence (Columbus), Denny Chapman (Prep), Tommy Vasquez (Burke) and Gonzalez. There were still eight in the pack at 3000 meters, with Johnson, Graff and Chapman driving the pace. After smartly sitting on the back of the lead pack through at least 3k, Gonzalez had a one-step lead over Graff with 400 meters to go, with Johnson, Chapman, Witte and Marshall in a pack about 30 meters back. Gonzalez took the win in 15:57, Graff was 2nd in 16:01, and Witte used his track speed to finish in 16:04. The top six boys were separated by 12 seconds, and that seems to reflect the parity in Class A.

Despite that race, we still think Ochoa is the solid #1. He ran 15:33 at Pioneer Park last Thursday, and his season has consisted of 15:06 (Augustana), 15:45 (Walnut Grove), 15:45 (Norfolk) and 15:33. Gonzalez has also run under 16:00 in his four meets, but there seems to be a noticeable gap between the two boys.

Fremont returned one State participant from last year and yet they still won the UNK meet with 77 points, one better than Lincoln East. Millard West was third with 94 points and three medalists, and Porter Bickley (33rd, 17:26) is getting fit after missing the first few races while he rehabbed an injury. Papio South finished 6th without Bo Crews in the line-up, and Greta looked strong in 4th with medal performances from Braden Loquest and Connor Reeson. The pre-UNK coaches' poll had Fremont, Lincoln East and Millard West as the top three teams, all with legitimate title hopes, and the UNK meet confirms that view.

Class A girls

We had hoped that this race would be a slugfest since 11 ranked girls (and all of the top 7) were scheduled to be in the race. Unfortunately, #2 Stella Miner and #4 Claire White of Westside sat out with minor knicks, and one of Kearney's top runners took a hard fall at 2700 meters while in a pack of 8th-12th place runners.

With the top two Westside girls not competing, the real intrigue of the race was to see how #1 Jaci Sievers (Elkhorn) would fare against #3 Mia Murray (Lincoln East) in Jaci's first race of the season. Given Jaci's dominant spring season, topped off by incredible performances in June at Nike Nationals, it's clear that Jaci has a bright running future beyond high school. When a minor injury arose in the preseason, the Elkhorn South coaches opted to take a conservative approach and limit Jaci's training and racing until she was fully healed. Given her lack of training, her effort on Monday was impressive. Even though Murray drove a relentless early pace en route to an 18:19 victory - just off the 18:14 course record that Jeralyn Poe set in 2013 and held until Stella Miner ran 18:10 in 2020 (and then broken with Elli Dahl's 17:57 last year) - Jaci was on Mia's shoulder at 2700 meters and just 10 meters back at 3000. Jaci was wearing training shoes instead of spikes, and she faded to 16th (20:18) by the finish, but the race was a great test of fitness for her. She may or may not be fully fit by State, but we don't care; we'd rather see a fully healthy Jaci on the track next spring.

Mia lost contact with her competition just after the 3000-meter mark, and she cruised home with a 38-second victory. We had been told that Kaitlyn Swartz of Papio South had a tremendous summer of training, and she's shown it the last two weeks: she ran 19:11 at Harold Scott (Pioneer Park) and then 18:57 on Monday. Her best in-season time prior to Harold Scott was 19:41 at 2020 State. Kaitlynn outsprinted Berlyn Schutz (Lincoln East), whose 18:59 on Monday was her second sub-19:00 in two weeks - and those are her first sub-19's since she ran 18:36 at 2019 State. No one is having a stronger senior resurgence than Berlyn. Marissa Holm (North Platte) and Isabelle Hartnett (Millard West) both dipped under 19:10, and freshman Mia Urosevich of Westside continues to impress with her 6th place finish.

We've been big fans of the OPS teams - particularly after OPS pulled the plug on their fall 2020 seasons - so we were thrilled to see Nayera Abdessalam of Omaha North finish 9th in 19:51. Nayera also missed the 2021 season due to injury, and the UNK meet was her first time under 20:00. She was rewarded with a #15 ranking this week.

In the team race, it's Lincoln East's title to lose... and that doesn't seem likely. With a fifth consecutive title firmly in their sights - and NINE girls in the top 23 on Monday - Coach Kabourek's biggest challenge this year may be picking his sixth and seventh spots for Districts and State. Lincoln East had just 28 points at UNK, while Fremont was 2nd (96), Papio South third (108) and Millard West and ElkSouth in a tight race for 4th. Millard North was the only highly-ranked team not at UNK, and Fremont was #5 going into the meet. Westside could make it interesting if Miner and White are healthy, but Fremont, Millard West, Millard North and Papio South seem to be the best contenders for a podium spot behind Lincoln East.

While Murray and Lincoln East are clear favorites right now, that doesn't diminish the rest of the field. Nebraska distance running is in a great place right now - in every class, boys and girls - and we're thrilled to have a front row seat every week.

UNK photos

We haven't had a lot of sleep this week with rankings updated late Monday night and the Nerdsletter written late Tuesday night. Several of us are hitting a collegiate meet at Mizzou on Friday morning, and we still have our day jobs. (Dr. Nerd's job involves saving lives while mine involves journal entries - you decide who is cooler.) Anyway, just a reminder that this is just a hobby that's gotten really out of hand.

Anyway, Dr. Nerd and Nerd Senior took about 15,000 photos of the eight races at UNK while Nerd HD was shooting video. We'll trim the 15,000 photos down to about 3000-4000 that we post on Facebook, but that takes time. Our best guess is that we'll post pics beginning next Monday. Be patient. We take cool pics and we give them to you. For free.

On a different note, we noticed that the Gering and Ogallala girls' teams have new uniforms this year that are absolutely awesome. Wanna make cross country even more cool than it already is? Buy cool uniforms and then get a nerd to take pictures of your athletes.


Although the list of meets for this week is much shorter due to the UNK Invitational's large draw of teams, we still have plenty of meet results uploaded on our website here. As far as we know, we've found results for every meet that includes a Nebraska high school this year, largely due to the help of coaches, parents, and athletes across the state. We usually wait until the day after the meet to updated our website with results; in most cases they're either uploaded to or the results are waiting in our e-mail account ( If you have the results to a meet that we haven't posted, feel free to send those our way.


While we consider ourselves to be half-decent writers, our biggest job remains taking pictures. We made it out to shoot 5 meets last week. In addition to UNK on Monday, we also made it to Malcolm, Mount Michael, Prep, Ogallala and Ord. You can always find those pictures using the link here to browse on our website. Here are some of our favorite shots from the last week:

Flexing is encouraged to intimidate opponents. Prep (Nerd Junior)

Nothing beats a pack like that. Mount Michael (Nerd HD)

The walk to the line. Ord (Broken Nerd)

A little water can go a long way. Malcolm (Nerd the 3rd)

Nerd gear

Being a running nerd is not just a frame of mind; it’s also a lifestyle. If you’re a nerd, we don’t think you should hide it, which is why we’ve opened a Nerd store on our website. All of the profits from last year’s sales went to provide t-shirts to OPS schools. The Nerd strategy team hasn’t decided what to do with the proceeds from this year’s sales; frankly, Mrs. Nerd is more concerned about taking back the bedroom that has turned into inventory storage.

In contrast to previous sales, we have the product in stock so the there is not a deadline for orders. However, once a product is out of stock, it won't be sold. My personal experience is that the shirts run a little small, but we're thrilled with the quality of the gear. Our store can be found here.


Do you see any errors, typos or key omissions? It's even more likely this week since we're still typing at midnight. Send an e-mail to and we'll do our best to correct the article. Originally written for and posted at by Jay Slagle. Did you love reading about Nebraska high school running? Visit for rankings, results, photos, long-form articles, frequent updates on our blog page, Nerd gear, and a bunch of other cool stuff that only running nerds would think to do. If you want to see meet photos or just need to kill a few hours on social media, follow @PrepRunningNerd on Twitter and Instagram, or on Facebook at

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