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2023 Class B-D distance preview

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Contributor: The Nerd

Just as we did in 2022, we’re previewing every individual State event as we head into the 2023 track season. This is our penultimate article covering the Class B through D distance events. We’re wrap up our previews with a final article written by Nerd the Third on Class A distance events. Here’s our best take on Class B through D:

Class B Boys

800 Returning State Medalists

Jack Wade, 1:56.32 (2nd) - Omaha Skutt

Nolan Slominski, 1:59.44 (6th) - Blair

Alex Rice, 1:59.62 (7th) - Omaha Skutt

Alex Christo, 2:00.25 (8th) - Boone Central

1600 Returning State Medalists

Ian Salazar-Molina, 4:26.77 (1st) - Lexington

Riley Boonstra, 4:35.16 (5th) - Norris

Mesuidi Ejerso, 4:35.58 (6th) - South Sioux City

Lazaro Adame-Lopez, 4:37.26 (8th) - Lexington

3200 Returning State Medalists

Ian Salazar-Molina, 9:36.81 (1st) - Lexington

Mesuidi Ejerso, 9:38.15 (2nd) - South Sioux City

Riley Boonstra, 9:52.20 (4th) - Norris

Conner Ross, 9:59.66 (5th) - Elkhorn North

Elijah Dix, 9:59.36 (6th) - Plattsmouth

Colin Pinneo, 10:05.45 (7th) - York

Gus Lampe, 10:06.38 (8th) - Omaha Roncalli

Outlook: St. Paul's Conner Wells, holder of three gold medals between the 400 and 800, and Tanner Cooper, the 2022 bronze medalist in the 800, are now running at UNK. They left behind a talented group of underclassmen that will battle for the title. Jack Wade of Skutt is the top returning medalist in the 800 and has the fastest PR at 1:56.32. Nolan Slominski of Blair is on his heels with a PR of 1:56.53, and Nolan ran a Class B best of 2:02.23 over the winter. Alex Rice of Skutt has a PR of 1:59.62 from 2022 State and has consistently been one of Class B's best distance runners since 2021. His brother Tommy Rice ran PRs of 2:00.67 and 4:37.58 as a freshman, and he'll look to convert some of his cross country success (4th in 2022) into a track medal.

Alex Christo of Boone Central is a 400/800 guy who doesn't run cross country, but the senior has PRs of 52.55 and 2:00.25. Other top returners include Turner Halvorsen (Lakeview, 2:01.03 PR), Oscar Aguado-Mendez (Lexington, 2:02.13 and 4:39, UNK commit) and Ryker Pithan (Elkhorn North, 2:02.27). Pithan ran 2:05.44 over the winter, while Calin O'Grady (Bennington) established a new PR with his 2:04.70 in February. Of course, don't count out Mesuidi Ejerso of South Sioux City; he ran a 2:06.29 in January about 90 minutes after a hard 1600.

Ian Salazar-Molina of Lexington is the defending champ in the 1600 and 3200. He missed all of 2022 cross country with a stress fracture but is on the mend now. He can't be left out of the conversation with his PRs of 4:26 and 9:36, but we expect him to have a slow start to the season. Mesuidi Ejero and Riley Boonstra of Norris are the top returners in these two events and they have championship pedigree. Ejerso (2022 PRs of 4:31 and 9:38) won the 2021 State cross county title while Boonstra (4:31 and 9:52) won the 2022 XC title. Ejerso told me in January that he had never trained over the winter before this year, and he's already PR'd in the 1600 with a 4:26 in February. Carter Hohlen of Lincoln Christian is the fourth-fastest returner in the 1600 at 4:33, and he finished 3rd at Class C State XC.

Any number of Lexington and Skutt boys could be in the mix for the 1600 and 3200. These two schools have dominated Class B XC for the past six years with a history of 'next man up'. During XC, any of the top five boys might be the best on the team, so who will go on a hot streak in the spring? It could be Lazaro Adames-Lopez (4:36), Miguel Cruz (10:17) or Michael Baumert (10:18). We also expect Guz Lampe of Roncalli (4:43, 9:58), Connor Ross of Elkhorn North (9:59 PR plus a 4:35 this winter), Elijah Dix of Plattsmouth (9:59) and a number of other boys to be medal contenders.

Max McCloy of Mt. Michael had a solid fall and has continued that momentum, running a 4:29 in February. His PRs before this winter were 4:50 and 10:26, so he's made a huge leap in the last nine months. Austin Carrera of Hastings was the breakout star of the XC season, finishing 13th at State despite a not-great race, and his 4:36 in January was a 16-second PR.

The gap between Class A and Class B has been large in some years. I don't see that happening in 2023 based on the depth and talent in Class B this year.

Class B Girls

800 Returning State Medalists

Britt Prince, 2:17.43 (1st) - Elkhorn North

Keelianne Green, 2:17.78 (2nd) - Arlington (Concordia commit)

Sydney Stodden, 2:19.94 (3rd) - Elkhorn North

Gabriela Calderon, 2:20.14 (4th) - Bennington (UNO commit)

Madison Seiler, 2:23.24 (6th) - Gering (Kenesaw State commit)

Payton Burda, 2:23.90 (7th) - Scottsbluff

Ellie Thomas, 2:23.92 (8th) - Norris

1600 Returning State Medalists

Kassidy Stuckey, 5:14.96 (1st) - York

Lindee Henning, 5:23.04 (3rd) - Ogallala

Gabriela Calderon, 5:24.64 (5th) - Bennington (UNO)

Julia Karmazin, 5:25.58 (6th) - Elkhorn North

Addison Hatcliff, 5:26.99 (7th) - Beatrice

Olivia Lawrence, 5:28.10 (8th) - Platteview

3200 Returning State Medalists

Kassidy Stuckey, 11:22.87 (1st) - York

Julia Karmazin, 11:27.02 (2nd) - Elkhorn North

Madison Seiler, 11:34.33 (3rd) - Gering (Kenesaw State)

Lindee Henning, 11:40.23 (4th) - Ogallala

Tessa Greisen, 12:06.12 (7th) - Seward

Anika Richards, 12:17.47 (8th) - Omaha Skutt

Outlook: There's no shortage of star power in the Class B girls' races. Britt Prince is the defending 800 champ, and she's also the highest-profile basketball recruit in Nebraska history. She hurt her foot during Elkhorn North's third consecutive title game 10 days ago, so I'd be surprised to see her on the track before at least mid-April. She edged two-time Class C State XC champ Keeli Green of Arlington in 2022, and Keeli may also have a slow start this season while she rehabs a winter injury. Elkhorn North has 400-meter defending champ Sydney Stodden (2:19) while Norris leads with Ellie Thomas (2:22) and Kendall Zavala (2:25, 5:28). Peyton Burda (2:22) of Scottsbluff, Millie Waldo (2:22) of Waverly and Avery Hurlbert (2:23) of Holdrege should also be medal contenders.

Gabriela Calderon of Bennington is the fourth fastest returner with a 2:20 PR, and she ran 2:27 this winter. Ella Eggleston of Aurora has the next fastest winter time in Class B at 2:31, followed by fellow freshman Emma Steffensen of Waverly and Talissa Tanquary of Sidney at 2:32; Steffensen finished 3rd at Class B State XC as a freshman while junior Tanquary was 4th in Class C. Emma has PRs of 2:19 and 5:35 - FROM 8TH GRADE - so look for her to challenge the older girls. Speaking of 8th grade, the 2022 State middle school meet featured two other sub-2:33 girls who may run in Class B this year: Kali Simons of Boone Central and Ella Rodgers from Elkhorn, and Schuyler's Miriam Deanda ran a 5:46 1600 at that meet.

Kassidy Stuckey (PRs of 5:14.96 and 11:21) is the returning champ in the 1600 and 3200, and she's already improved on her PR with the 5:14.56 she ran in February while racing against Maddie Seiler and Lilly Kenning. Seiler of Gering is a three-time State XC champ with track PRs of 5:16 (this winter) and 11:23 (2021), but I don't think we've seen her best yet. She gave up basketball this year and comes into the season fully healthy. Reclassification means that Kenning and her Milford teammates have been shipped off to Class C, but more on that later.

Lindee Henning of Ogallala has been a terror in Class C XC and Class B track, with three XC silver medals and four State track medals. Her PRs are 5:23 and 11:40, but expect her to run faster this spring. Norris sophomore Atlee Wallman finished 2nd behind Seiler at the 2022 State XC, following up on her 11th place finishing as a freshman. She didn't run track last year but should be a major factor this spring.

Sophomore Ella Ford of Elkhorn North has had a busy winter, laying down a 5:19 to improve from her freshman PR of 5:42. Her teammate Julia Karmazin, now a junior, won the 3200 title in 11:14 as a freshman before finishing 2nd last year in 11:27, and she's got four 1600/3200 medals after two years. Julia's 1600 PR of 5:18 from 2021 puts her in the mix for gold... if she doesn't decide to focus on golf. She finished 2nd in Class B golf last fall and was the State champ in 2021.

We watched Stuckey and Seiler share a bunch of laughs right before they ran 5:14 and 5:16 in February, so look for these good friends to be fierce competitors in May. With so much depth and talent this year, don't be surprised if good weather brings multiple sub-5:10 performances from this field.

Class C Boys

800 Returning State Medalists

Ben Alberts, 1:58.31 (1st) - Grand Island CC

Logan Lebo, 2:01.11 (2nd) - Lincoln Lutheran

Luke Meis, 2:02.79 (4th) - Bishop Neumann

Cache Gracey, 2:03.95 (6th) - South Loup

August Scholting, 2:04.07 (8th) - Wisner-Pilger

1600 Returning State Medalists

Carson Noecker, 4:19.61 (1st) - Hartington CC

Mason McGreer, 4:39.84 (7th) - Perkins County

Kolter Van Pelt, 4:39.33 (8th) - Stanton

Jarrett Miles, 4:40.66 (1st in Class D) - N Platte St Pats

3200 Returning State Medalists

Carson Noecker, 9:16.05 (1st) - Hartington

Mason McGreer, 10:01.39 (3rd) - Perkins County

Justin Sherman, 10:18.14 (8th) - Cornerstone Christian

Jarrett Miles, 10:14.37 (3rd in Class D) - N Platte St Pats

Porter Connick, 10:58.56 (8th in Class D) - N Platte St Pats

Outlook: The 800 offers a deep field with 400/800 studs Ben Alberts (50.65 and 1:55.83 PRs) of GICC and Logan Lebo (50.44 and 2:01.11) of Lincoln Lutheran. Alberts is the 2nd fastest returner among all classes behind Jack Witte of Millard West, so he's a serious candidate for the All-Class gold. Lebo has been ranked in Class C XC for nearly all of the last two seasons but his strength may be middle distance. Luke Meiss (Bishop Neuman, 2:02.12 PR), Mason Hagan (North Central, 2:02.13) and Cache Gracey (South Loup, 2:03.96) have the next fastest PRs. Unfortunately, Luke Meis tore his ACL during the basketball season, so he will not be running this spring. Logan Recoy of South Loup had the fastest Class C 800 of the winter season, clocking in at 2:05.59.

One other title contender in the 800 is not a new face. Carson Noecker of Cedar Catholic had planned to run the 800 at Districts last year before the high heat and humidity convinced him to stick with just the 4x800, 3200 and 1600. With PRs of 4:19 and 9:11, we suspect his current 800 PR of 2:06 (he's only raced it twice) is ripe for the picking. Cedar Catholic won the 4x800 last year despite one of their runners falling down, and both Carson Arens and Carson Noecker ran 1:59 splits. Carson Aren's best open 800 is also a 2:06 according to, but he should be in contention for a medal.

Speaking of Carson Noecker, I caught up with him about two weeks ago. I learned in January that he had committed to South Dakota State but sat on the news, but then realized in late February that neither SDSU or Carson was planning to announce it. Carson gave me the approval to drop the news in this preview, although most people in Hartington already know it. Carson could have had his pick of almost any top-notch distance program, and he chose SDSU because it's close to the family farm, it has an excellent agriculture program, a small-town feel and a high-level coach in Rod DeHaven (formerly an elite marathoner). I asked Carson if he planned to return to the family farm after college and he said he's keeping his options open; he'd always planned to farm "because it's all I've ever known, but college is a chance to learn new things and meet new people."

Carson has ran about 40 miles a week over the winter. While he was disappointed at 2022 State when he didn't break the Class C record of 4:18.6, he's not particularly focused on it. "I think I could get burned out if I only focus on the record," he said. "I've already seen and done things I never thought I would," so graduating with just the 3200 record would not be a disappointment. Cedar Catholic will not be entering Carson in any regional or national meets because, as Carson told me, "a track is a track and I can get good enough competition in Nebraska."

Carson's 1600 PR is 20 seconds faster than the next returner, while his 3200 PR is 50 seconds faster. While he may win comfortably, there will be some great races behind him. Mason McGreer of Perkins County was a freshman phenom in 2022, running 4:39 (a 10-second PR on and 10:01 (28 seconds) at State to finish 7th and 3rd, respectively, and he was third in State XC this fall. Mason's chief competitor throughout the season and at State will likely be Jarret Miles of North Platte St. Pats. In 2022 Jarrett won the Class D 1600 in 4:40 and placed 3rd in the 3200 in 10:14, but NPSP has moved up to Class C. Ashton Hughes (2:11, 4:46, 10:19) and Justin Sherman (2:06, 4:53, 10:18) had breakout XC seasons last fall, finishing 4th and 6th to give Cornerstone Christian the Class D title.

Dyami Berridge of Winnebago was the subject of one of Hurdle Nerd's best photos last fall, but he's also a great runner. His very limited profile lists has PRs of 4:46 and 10:18, and he's a two-time Class C XC medalist. Kolter Van Pelt of Stanton returns with PRs of 2:04 and 4:39 and a ton of toughness; he had an appendectomy in early September but still managed to qualify for and finish 20th at Class D State XC.

Other top returners include Jack Lancaster (Valentine, 4:42), Carter Siems (Tri-County, 4:45), Cade Johnson (Wakefield, 2:04/4:44) and Carter Ruse (Freeman, 2:07/4:48), Brady Franzen (Lincoln Lutheran, 10:25) and Brody Taylor (Ponca, 10:29).

Class C Girls

800 Returning State Medalists

Laney Kathol, 2:18.27 (1st) - Hartington CC

Bryn McNair, 2:18.30 (2nd) - Chase County

Story Rasby 2:22.74 (3rd) - Sutherland

Mira Fosmer, 2:23.74 (4th) - Louisville (CSM commit)

Hadley Cheatum, 2:23.82 (5th) - Summerland

Chaney Nelson, 2:23.94 (6th) - Oakland-Craig (Doane commit)

Kaitlyn Mlnarik, 2:24.07 (7th) - Archbishop Bergan

Haley Johnson, 2:25.55 (8th) - Gordon-Rushville

1600 Returning State Medalists

Jordyn Arens, 5:17.98 (1st) - Crofton

Kaitlyn Mlnarik, 5:33.31 (4th) - Archbishop Bergan

Tyrah American Horse, 5:33.59 (5th) - Gordon-Rushville

Chaney Nelson, 5:34.46 (6th) - Oakland-Craig (Doane)

Tallianna Martin, 5:34.54 (7th) - South Loup

Brekyn Kok, 5:35.14 (8th) - Cornerstone Christian

3200 Returning State Medalists

Jordyn Arens, 11:28.48, (1st) - Crofton

Alayna Vargas, 12:02.44 (2nd) - Hastings St Cecelia (Concordia commit)

Hannah Swanson, 12:06.97 (4th) - Nebraska Christian

Katherine Kerrigan, 12:11.38 (5th) - Ainsworth

Brekyn Kok, 12:13.58 (6th) - Cornerstone Christian

Avery O'Boyle, 12:21.76 (8th) - Grand Island CC

Braelyn Gifford, 12:20.54 (3rd in Class D) - N Platte St Pats

Outlook: It's been a long ten days of writing but we don't recall another event where all eight medalists are returning in 2023 like they are in the 800. We were transfixed last year with the season-long 400/800 duel between Bryn McNair of Chase County and Story Rasby of Sutherland, so we were surprised to see Laney Kathol of Cedar Catholic take the title. We shouldn't have been; Laney had the 2nd fastest mark (2:21) entering the State meet. Kathol focuses on the 400 and 800, McNair adds the high jump, and Rasby had the best 200, 400 and 800 time going into 2022 State. Kathol probably won't race the other two girls until State, but this is going to be a great year for the 800.

Like Carson Noecker, my sometimes-faulty memory tells me that Jordyn Arens skipped the 800 at 2022 Districts due to the heat. She swept the three distance events as a freshman in 2021, so her 2:18 PR from that year would put her in the mix of things at State. A three-time XC champion, she also returns with PRs of 5:14 and 11:16 and has a very good shot of adding at least two more gold medals. However, she'll be challenged by sophomore Lilly Kenning of Milford, who finished 3rd at Class C XC in October. Milford moves from Class B to Class C this spring, and Lilly ran at least two sub-5:20 races this winter with a best of 5:15.

Alayna Vargas of Hastings St. Cecilia has earned six State track medals in two years as well as a State XC title as a freshman in 2019. She was injured last fall and wrapped up her season early, but we hope to see the Concordia commit healthy and on the track this spring. Kaitlyn Mlnarik (PRs of 2:24/5:33) of Fremont Bergan should be a contender in the 800 and 1600, and Kathleen Kerrigan (12:11) of Ainsworth has momentum after finishing 2nd at Class D State XC. Brekyn Kok of Cornerstone has range from 1600 (5:35) to 5k (3rd in Class D) and will be in the hunt in the two longer events.

North Platte St. Pat's move up to Class C means that Braelyn Gifford will be a key player. She has PRs of 5:42 and 12:20; the 12:20 makes her the 5th fastest returner in Class C. Angela Frick of North Central, Isabelle Peters of Tri-County and Lily Harris of Homer are all freshmen who medaled at Class D State XC, so it will be interesting to see how their talents translate to the track.

The gap between the 2nd fastest returner (Vargas) and the 8th fastest (Sawyer Benne, Lincoln Lutheran) in the 1600 is only 4 seconds, so I wouldn't count anyone out. Behind Arens and Kenning, I think every other distance medal is there for the taking.

Class D Boys

800 Returning State Medalists

Chase Schroeder, 2:05.40 (5th) - Wynot

Trent Neville, 2:05.77 (6th) - McCool Junction

Alexx Winkelman, 2:06.07 (8th) - Osceola

1600 Returning State Medalists

Jarrett Miles, 4:40.66 (1st) - N Platte St Pats (moves to Class C)

Wes Jacobs, 4:48.73 (4th) - Hay Springs

Addison Smith, 4:50.37 (7th) - Wausa

Ty Brady, 4:51.29 (8th) - Crawford

3200 Returning State Medalists

Jarrett Miles, 10:14.37 (3rd) - N Platte St Pats (moves to Class C)

Addison Smith, 10:14.45 (4th) - Wausa

Carson Trompke, 10:41.51 (6th) - Cambridge

Boston Wood, 10:53.76 (7th) - Central Valley

Porter Connick, 10:58.56 (8th) - N Platte St Pats (moves to Class C)

Outlook: (Tyler Hanson, a distance runner at Axtell, is helping us with the Class D previews.) Chase Schroeder won his State heat of the 800 in a solid 2:05.4, making him the favorite for the upcoming season since the top 4 last year were all seniors. Following close behind him are Trent Neville and Alexx Winkelman. Both have a solid resume, with Trent being 8th place at this year's class D XC championship. Neville (PRs of 2:05/4:54) also achieved a new mile PR at state, narrowly missing out on placing with a 10th place performance. Winkelman is a 400/800 guy with six State medals in two years, and he shows it by sprinting out the gates of nearly every race he participates in. All three have good performances, but it would also not be surprising to see someone who didn’t medal last year come in and snag the title for themselves.

Addison Smith (4:48/10:11) of Wausa looks to be in a solid position to challenge for a title this year, having only lost to Jarret Miles by .08 seconds in the 3200; he's also the 2nd fastest returner in the 1600 now that Miles is in Class C. Wes Jacobs of Hay Springs steadily improved last season, and has been doing so his entire running career. He topped off his improvement with a large PR of 4:48 in the 1600, and is the fastest returning medalist coming into the year. Carson Trompke and Boston Wood were underclassmen last year, and with the large amount of experience each of them has gained, they look to be competitors coming into the year.

Two newcomers should make an impact. Rowan Jarosik and his Sandy Creek teammates move from Class C to Class D, and he brings along his 4:51 and 10:24 PRs. Rowan's XC profile is a bit more impressive after he finished 11th at Class C State last fall. Jacob Swanson of Nebraska is just a freshman but he did exceptionally well in XC, finishing 5th at Class D State. He's got a lot of growing to do so a 1600 medal may be a stretch, but we like him in the 3200.

… It feels like I’m forgetting something… or someone… oh yeah

Trey Robertson. During May 2022, Trey Robertson was busy recovering from blood clots in the back of his knee, yeowch. Trey played football for his first 3 years of high school, but decided to do XC in his senior season. Trey was undefeated against class D competition the entire season and typically sprinted from the gun. When he was healthy back in 2021, Robertson won the 3200 (10:06) and was 3rd in the 1600 (4:38). Based on his track pedigree and his absolutely beastly XC season, Robertson is the clear favorite in the 1600 and 3200. It doesn't appear that Trey has run a quality 800, but based on the XC season, we wouldn't count him out of that one either.

Class D Girls

800 Returning State Medalists

Cali Gutz, 2:27.59 (3rd) - Osmond

Jayna Guggenmos, 2:27.92 (4th) - CWC

Kiera Brennan, 2:28.29 (5th) - Crawford

Rachel Harris, 2:28.42 (6th) - Cambridge

Julianna Maxfield, 2:28.42 (7th) - Fullerton

Paige Drueke, 2:28.80 (8th) - Boyd County

1600 Returning State Medalists

Peyton Paxton, 5:39.38 (2nd) - Mullen

Payton Gerken, 5:39.45 (4th) - McCool Junction

Julianna Maxfield, 5:39.98 (5th) - Fullerton

Ashlin Broz, 5:41.09 (6th) - Maywood-Hayes Center

Axi Benish, 5:41.66 (7th) - Leyton

Hannah Baumgart, 5:42.23 (8th) - St Francis

3200 Returning State Medalists

Peyton Paxton, 12:02.46 (2nd) - Mullen

Braelyn Gifford, 12:20.54 (3rd) - N Platte St Pats (moves to Class C)

Payton Gerken, 12:23.69 (4th) - McCool Junction

Axi Benish, 12:42.71 (6th) - Leyton (UNO commit)

Outlook: (Tyler Hanson) All three distance champs from 2022 have moved on: Maeli Meier of Overton (800), Kate Stienike of NPSP (1600) and Darla Nelson of Wausa (3200). Despite that, there are a lot of returning medalists in the three events. In the 800, every finishing position from 2-13 set a new PR last year. The top returner in the 800 is Cali Gutz of Osmond, narrowly leading sophomore Jayna Guggenmos of Chambers. There’s a dense cluster of 800 returners all within 1.2 seconds of each other, meaning that pretty much any of them could make the necessary improvements and grab a title.

There is a similar cluster in the 1600, with the slowest returning medalist being less than 2 seconds behind the fastest returning medalist. The fastest returner is the phenom from Mullen, Peyton Paxton (PRs of 5:39 and 12:02), who led both the 1600 and 3200 before finishing 2nd in both races as a freshman. Peyton's sister Molly was a State champ in the 3200 in 2019, and back in 2017 Molly went to the Mullen school board to restart a XC program that has produced multiple State medalists over the last four years.

Payton Gerken (5:39/12:23) of McCool Junction, younger sister of 2019 1600 champ Madison Gerken (now running at Hastings), finished 4th in the 1600 and 3200 last year. Axi Benish (5:39, 12:42) also returns with two medals, 7th in 1600 and 6th in 3200. Juliana Maxfield (2:25/5:39) of Fullerton has a been a staple of Class D distance running with six State track medals and two XC medals. Ashlin Broz (5:41) of Maywood-Hayes Center has four State relay medals and a 6th place medal in the 2022 1600.

We're struggling to keep track of all the reclassifications but we believe that Nebraska Christian moves from Class C to Class D this spring. That means Hannah Swanson (5:36/12:06) has the fastest PRs of any Class D competitor. She's also finished 2nd and 4th at State XC.

We'll call Swanson and Paxton the co-favorites for the 1600 and 3200 titles. They've got a big gap on the rest of the 3200 field but the medal fight will be close in the 1600. Meanwhile; in the 800, a huge pack of girls are in the hunt for a title, and any one of them could get it. Much like on the boys side of things, there are favorites in the longer events, but the shorter it gets, the more chaos reigns.


Originally written for and posted at by Jay Slagle and Tyler Hanson in March 2023. If you find an error, please DM or e-mail us at and we'll get it fixed.

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