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Ask a friend to join the XC team

Contributor: The Nerd

In the week leading up to XC season, our social media accounts included several posts about why XC is so important. Here's our post about State Champion Mesuidi Ejerso, who joined the XC team when invited by a friend.

Mesuidi Ejerso, a two-time state champ for South Sioux City, joined his 8th grade XC team because a friend told him it was fun. He ran one mile at the 1st day of practice. The next two days it hurt so much to walk that he promised his parents he'd never run again.

He broke his promise.

He went back to practice and finished the season. A few months later, in 8th grade track, the coach told him he 'had to' join the team. His squad set the 4x400 school record. He kept going to practice. An older friend mentored him. His coaches encouraged him. He often wanted to quit.

As a sophomore, in only his second track season, Mesuidi won the Class B 3200. As a junior, he won the Class B XC title, just three years after Dhugomsa Mohammed told him to join the XC team. Distance has changed Mesuidi Ejerso's life. The question for you...

Will you play the role of Dhugomsa Mohammed? Will you reach out to a friend and encourage them to join the XC team? Will you mentor them, encourage them, be their biggest fan? The season starts in 7 days. Invite a friend or stranger to join the team. Change their lives.

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