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Class D girls - Top returners in Fall 2021

Contributor: Nerd the Third

Jordyn Arens won State XC, 800, 1600 and 3200 titles as a freshman. While she was a dominant force last year, there are plenty of returning medalists from the 2020 meet. In fact, there were only 3 seniors among the first 18 finishers at the 2020 State XC meet. The 2019 State champ Alayna Vargas also returns. The 2020 9th place finisher, Christina Martinson of Bloomfield-Wausa, will compete with her team in Class C in 2021. Here are the top 15 returners.

  1. Jordyn Arens, So, Crofton (1st, 19:06)

  2. Alayna Vargas, Jr, Hastings St. Cecilia (2nd, 19:49)

  3. Katherine Kerrigan, So, Ainsworth (3rd, 19:50)

  4. Hannah Swanson, So, Nebraska Christian (4th, 19:59)

  5. Callie Coble, Sr, Mullen (5th, 20:06)

  6. Emily Frey, So, Palmyra (7th, 20:26)

  7. Late Stienike, Sr, NP St. Patrick’s (10th, 20:29)

  8. Payton Gerken, Jr, McCool Junction (12th, 20:42)

  9. Julianna Maxfield, Jr, Fullerton (13th, 20:44)

  10. Chaney Nelson, Jr, Oakland-Craig (14th, 20:48)

  11. Brekyn Kok, Jr, Cornerstone Christian (15th, 20:48)

  12. Ava Palm, So, Palmyra (16th, 20:48)

  13. Daisy Frick, Sr, North Central (17th, 20:56)

  14. Alea Rasmussen, So, Wisner-Pilger (18th, 20:57)

  15. Madison Davis, So, West Holt (21st, 21:02)

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