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Class D District live results links

As of 5:00 a.m. Wednesday morning, we've only found live results links for five of the nine Class D District meets. If you're aware of additional links, please DM us or e-mail us at and we'll update this listing.

D1-Pawnee City, 5/8/24

D2-Osceola, 5/8/24

D3-Hartington, 5/8/24

D4-Bassett, 5/8/24 (Hurdle Nerd)

D5-Fullerton, 5/8/24

D6-Kenesaw, 5/8/24

D7-McCook, 5/8/24 (Nerd Stammpede partial day) 

D8-Paxton, 5/8/24 (Guest Nerd Megan Andersen)

D9-Chappell, 5/8/24 (CW Nerd)

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