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Deep college thoughts

Contributor: Nerd the Third

Utilizing primarily the DM function on The Nerd's Instagram page, Nerd the Third reached out to many of Nebraska's top recruits to check in on their college plans. Times are updated through 9/12 although most of the athletes shared their plans prior to 9/7. We don't have responses from everyone we contacted but we'll update them as responses come in.


Noelle Abels - 11:47 3200, 19:44 5k, Senior, Westside

  • Unsure of a major, Noelle hopes to stay within the Midwest to stay close to home.

Izzy Apel - 5:23 1600, 11:32 3200, 19:15 5k, Junior, Lincoln East

Zarah Blaesi - 5:38 1600, 19:26 5k, Junior, North Platte

  • Through the Kearney Bound program, Zarah has received a full scholarship and intends to compete at UNK.

Isabella Bricker - 5:25 1600, 20:03 5k, Senior, Gretna

  • Isabella is hoping for an opportunity to run for UNL while studying engineering, but is keeping an open mind.

Elli Dahl - 5:00 1600, 10:47 3200, 18:04 5k, Senior, Fremont

  • Elli is considering schools in the Midwest with a good team, coach and atmosphere. She has plans to visit Wichita State, Tulsa, Kansas State, and Michigan State, and is looking into UNL and Oklahoma State.

Deavion Deleon - 5:16 1600, 19:26 5k, Senior, Papio Lavista South

  • Fully motivated to run in college, Deavion has been contacted by a few coaches within the state, but has only visited one school. She hopes to visit UNK and Doane in the future while looking for a college that would fit her ambitions in business.

Lucy Dillon - 57 400, 2:17 800, 19:25 5k, Senior, Fremont

  • Lucy is very early on in her college application process, but plans to go out-of-state.

Isabelle Hartnett - 5:18 1600, 11:24 3200, 19:28 5k, Junior, Millard West

  • Isabelle has not started the recruiting process in depth, but is leaning towards schools in Nebraska or Colorado.

Brianna Rinn - 2:12 800, 5:10 1600, 18:15 5k, Senior, Lincoln Southwest

Jaci Sievers - 5:13 1600, 18:47 5k, Junior, Elkhorn South

  • Jaci is looking to branch out of Nebraska, leading to her search all across the country. Academically, she plans to major in the medical field.

Reese Young-Oestmann - 5:19 1600, 11:22 3200, 19:23 5k, Senior, Westside

  • Mostly applying to schools in the Midwest, Reese has talked to coaches at UNK, USD, Missouri State, Southern Illinois and Tulsa.


Evan Caudy - 4:26 1600, 9:48 3200, 15:49 5k, Senior, North Platte

  • Evan is mostly interested in Nebraska schools, applying to UNL, UNK, and Concordia, but he would be willing to go out-of-state for a good fit.

Colby Erdkamp - 4:19 Mile, 9:25 3200, 16:21 5k, Senior, Gretna

  • Colby had UNL, Baylor, Minnesota, Wichita State, Kansas and USD on his list of potential schools. After a visit to UNL the weekend of September 10-11, he verbally committed to UNL.

Seth Fey - 4:38 1600, 16:10 5k, Senior, Millard West

  • Seth has a top four of UNK, Augustana, Washburn, and Northwest Missouri State. Without too much preference for a specific region, he also plans to look into UNL and USD.

Juan Garcia - 4:39 1600, 9:40 3200, 15:50 5k, Senior, Grand Island

  • Juan is currently exploring UNL, UNK and Concordia.

Gabe Hinrichs - 1:52 800, 4:12 1600, 8:59 3200, 15:26 5k, Senior, Elkhorn South

  • With one of the most impressive running resumes in recent memory, Gabe’s talent has landed interest from many schools, mostly in the Midwest. He aims to visit more than 5 schools, utilizing unofficial visits. Iowa State, Tulsa, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Colorado, North Carolina, and Oklahoma State are at the top of his list. He has already received an offer from Iowa State.

Sam Kirchner - 4:20 1600, 9:24 3200, 15:51 5k, Senior, Millard West

Evan Liewer - 4:40 1600, 9:45 3200, 16:26 5k, Senior, Gretna

  • With a wide spread of schools, Evan plans to visit Memphis University, Abilene Christian University and Murray State within the next few months. Hoping for some fast times later on, he has additional schools in mind and is willing to travel far to continue his competitive running career.

Piercze Marshall - 4:40 1600, 9:42 3200, 16:20 5k, Junior, Millard West

  • Interested in an engineering school, Piercze is searching for a good fit within the West or Midwest but is keeping his options open.

Nolan Miller - 1:56 800, 4:30 1600, 9:34 3200, 16:12 5k, Senior, Fremont

  • After visits to a few colleges, Nolan’s decision is still up in the air. He is interested in larger schools with emphasis in the medical field, and Tulsa is high on his list so far.

Carson Noecker - 4:23 1600, 9:24 3200, 15:22 5k, Junior, Hartington Cedar Catholic

Daniel Romary - 51.7 400, 1:52 800, 3:53 1500, 9:04 3200, 15:52 5k, Senior, Lincoln Northeast

  • Fresh off a win in the 1500 at USATF nationals, Daniel has interest in Iowa State, Oklahoma State, and UNC, but plans to stay in touch with other schools throughout the recruiting process. Daniel received an offer from Iowa State during his official visit the 2nd weekend of September.

Braden Taylor - 53 400, 1:53 800, 4:18 1600, 15:52 5k, Senior, Fremont

  • Coming off of a stellar track season, Braden has his sights set on Tulsa, Midland, and UNK.

Grant Wasserman - 4:29 1600, 9:31 3200, 16:04 5k, Senior, Lincoln North Star

  • Looking for a strong STEM program, Grant has applied to UNL, Colorado School of Mines, and Yale.

Carter Waters - 4:23 1600, 9:19 3200, 15:48 5k, Senior, Fremont

  • Carter has already made a verbal commitment to study and run at the University of Alabama, overcoming some early hesitation about running collegiately. With encouragement from recent graduates including Drew Snyder, he now looks forward to competing at the next level.

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