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Running in College? Why not?

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Contributor: The Nerd

As the father of two collegiate distance runners, The Nerd is a huge fan of athletes who choose to extend their competitive careers in college. There are countless reasons (better grades, built-in friend group, an antidote to the freshman fifteen, awesome bus rides, etc.) why college athletics may be a good fit for high school students at virtually all skill levels. If you're considering competing in college, or are just now thinking about it because of this timely article, we've got great resources for you on our website. Go visit our college page at to learn more about the college selection process for distance runners and to see a listing of all of the Nebraska distance running programs.

Last week the Nerd staff spent way too long performing a half-hearted effort on social media to find where the Class of 2021 landed. Below is an updated list of college commitments based on followed feedback. If you're aware of other Class of 2021 college commitments for distance running - and I know there are still more commitments because the list for D2, D3 and NAIA schools is way too short - send me a DM on Facebook/Twitter or an e-mail at with the athlete's name, high school and their college destination. College coaches could make it easy it on me and just send me the Nebraska freshman on their rosters. I'll periodically update the list so everyone realizes how cool - and common - it is to compete in college.

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