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Dear Cross Country

Contributor: Garret Severance, a junior at Ord, had high hopes for this season after qualifying for State as a sophomore. Each week we monitor results for 30-40 athletes in each Class and Garret was one of the boys we were tracking. Unfortunately, he didn't run as well at Districts as he had hoped, and his season ended on Wednesday in Wayne. He wrote the following thoughts a few hours after the meet.

Dear Cross Country,

You put me through so much pain

yet I still love you.

You took every ounce of my strength

yet I still love you.

You demanded all of my time

yet I still love you.

You kicked me when I was down

yet I still love you.

You taught me to be strong.

You taught me to persevere.

You taught me to laugh.

You taught me to be tough.

But, most importantly, you taught me to love.

You didn't provide the desired results for me

but you led others to success.

You ended very abruptly for me

but not for many others.

All I ask is that you teach them.

Teach them what you taught me.

Teach them to laugh.

Teach them to be tough.

Teach them to persevere.

But, most importantly, teach them to love

just like you taught me.

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1 Comment

Oct 14, 2023

XC runners, teammate, families and fans are an incredible group of people. The camaraderie between everyone is indescribable. It always gives me hope for our future.

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