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4/6/22 Nerdsletter

Contributor: The Nerd

Best moments of the week

We hit four meets this week, and there were no shortages of memorable moments. However, here are our top three:

3. Nerd Junior was in Columbus when he overheard a group of weight men discussing what they were going to use for a baton for the throwers 4x100 relay. Suggestions included a Pringles can and a bottle of ranch dressing. Dr. Jerry Beach responded to our Twitter post that back in his day they would use a shot implement stuffed in a sock, and I've been told that a tube of summer sausage is a strong choice. Junior didn't stick around to see the actual relay, but we hope the weight men followed through on one of their ideas.

2. While I was shooting photos at the Platteview meet, Wahoo jump coach Eric Gottschalk grabbed me to let me know about Mya Emerson, a senior at Wahoo. Friday was Mya's first meet of the season, and she finished third in the high jump at 4'10". While that effort is four inches short of her PR, it was still a remarkable performance.

You see, on August 27th Mya was diagnosed with a cancerous mass in her sinus cavity. She started her treatment at UNMC, followed by eight weeks of care at Mayo Hospital. She returned home on the weekends - except for the weekend she and her grandma were stuck at a Chicago airport before deciding it was simpler to just go back to Rochester. In total, she endured six rounds of chemotherapy and thirty-four rounds of Proton Radiation Therapy. She finished her last round of chemo and radiation treatment on January 24th. Cancer patients often have a central port placed in their torso to ease the administration of medication, and Mya had her feeding tube and chemo port removed four weeks before the Platteview meet.

Mya's dad Erik is a football coach at Wahoo and her freshman brother plays on the team. On August 27th, Mya and her mom were headed out the door to go to Wahoo's first game of the season when the doctor called with the cancer diagnosis. Mya and her mom sat on the floor and wept. After a few minutes, Mya wiped her eyes and said they needed to get going if they were going to be at the game by kickoff. She told her mom, "I'm not going to just sit at home and be sad about it."

Based on the feedback on my Twitter post about Mya, appears that we are late arrivals to her fan club. Well done, Mya!

1. I had the good fortune to watch Unified athletes compete at both Platteview and Westside this weekend. In addition to the 100-meter dash and the long jump, the Unified athletes at Westside also participated in the 4x100. Walt Snodgrass, a junior at Westside, is pictured below. He was so pumped to be the lead-off leg in the relay that he waved his baton in victory as soon as the gun sounded.

According to his mom Denise, he's participated in the Unified program since 7th grade. She told me she loves the Unified track program because it "encourages self esteem and social awareness with his peers, and he's able to compete at the same time as typically-abled athletes. This inclusion promotes Walt's pride in participating in his school competitions." Hats off to all of the athletes and volunteers who are part of this great program.

Collegiate studs

Our three-Nerd team doesn't have the bandwidth to adequately cover both high school and collegiate T&F, although we gave them a lot of love during the indoor season. However, a few performances caught our eye that are worth mentioning.

Bella Hogue, a Conestoga alum and now a freshman at Wesleyan, won the D3 indoor 200 title in early March, and she's off to a great start in the outdoor season. She has the nation's leading mark in the 200 with a time of 24.24 set in Kearney this weekend. Thanks to Coach McKenzie at Wesleyan for sharing Bella's biggest smile from the indoor season:

Speaking of Kearney, how about Wes Freaking Ferguson (we are legally required to refer to him as this for the remainder of the year)? Wes, a Fremont High grad, won the D2 indoor 800 title in March, and he popped off a 1:47.80 on Saturday. That puts him at #2 in D2 for the outdoor season. Thanks to Troy Bracker for this sweet finish line photo:

Finally, let's give the Big Man some love. After Saturday at Kearney, Dylan (Fremont Bergan) has the top outdoor shot put in NAIA at 57-8.75, and the 11th best discus with 156-07. Dylan had the 26 longest indoor shot put performances in the NAIA this year and was named the NAIA indoor Field Athlete of the Year. Thanks to Midland's Coach Gerber for this sweet photo:

A Class A record...right?

We were on site at Westside when Stella Miner ran splits of 64/68 en route to a 2:12.10 800, which goes down as the 4th fastest girls 800 in Nebraska history. About 30 minutes after the race, the public address announcer indicated that it was a Class A state record, so I dutifully tweeted that info. I immediately got some online push back that Pius' Elizabeth Lange, who is listed on the World Herald's all-time charts with a 2:09.4, ran that time in 2003 in Blair and was still the Class A record holder. While that time is definitely faster than 2:12.10 and Elizabeth definitely competed in Class A in 2003, the NSAA website reflects that Elizabeth's Class A record was 2:12.12 from 2004.

I can't speak to why the 2003 mark is not listed as a state record. In my opinion, the NSAA is the final arbiter of state records, so we'll recognize whatever mark they list. Either way, we don't dispute Elizabeth's effort, and she's still #2 on our all-time list:

1 Alice Schmidt, Elkhorn - 2:08.6, 1999

2 Elizabeth Lange, Lincoln Pius X, 2:09.4, 2003

3 Sara Ensrud, Gering, 2:11.7, 2003

4 Stella Miner, Omaha Westside, 2:12.10, 2022

5 Erin LeeYork, 2:12.44, 2015

6 Molly Sughroue, McCook, 2:12.5, 22014

7 Brianna Rinn, Lincoln Southwest, 2:13.07, 2021

8 Madi Muma, Lincoln East, 2:13.22, 2017

9 Wanda Hartso, Omaha Central, 2:13.36, 1981

10 Clara Nichols, Millard South, 2:13.40, 2012

11 Deb Spickelmier, Hayes Center, 2:13.45, 1985

12 Donna Spickelmier, Hayes Center, 2:13.55, 1985

13 Lauren Houston, Omaha Burke, 2:13.58, 2015

14 Carol Nunnally, McCook, 2:13.8, 1980

15 Alyssa Thavenet, Lincoln Pius X, 2:14.09, 2013

Who did Stella push off the top-15 list? None other than Emily Sisson, a 2020 Olympian.

Keep in mind that Stella is only a sophomore and #7 Brianna Rinn (Utah commit) is in good form this season. In addition, Jaci Sievers (Elkhorn South junior) and Elli Dahl (Fremont senior, UNL commit) both have the capacity to break into top-15 this year. We're living the golden age of Nebraska girls distance running. Enjoy it.

And then there's Jaci

While Elli Dahl spent Saturday at the Ralston Relays competing in - you guessed it - relay races, Jaci Sievers was in Columbus on Thursday with her sights set on the 3200. She led from the gun, began lapping competitors before the 1600 mark, and finished in a blazing 10:53.70, which is just outside the 15th-best all-time mark of 10:48 set by Ann Sheadle of South Sioux City. Elli Dahl is 11th on the list at 10:47. To break into the Top Ten, Jaci will have to knock off Theresa (Stelling) Gosnell, an assistant coach at Westside who ran a 10:47.40 two-mile (converts to 10:43.65 3200) in 1989.

But the boys were fast too...

We mentioned this last week, but Carson Noecker of Cedar Catholic had his 2022 debut early last week when he ran a 2:05 4x800 split, a 4:30 1600 and then finished the day with a 9:22 3200.

On Friday, Gabe Hinrichs ran a 9:08 3200 and a 4:17 1600; both lead the state. We've been informed told that Gabe might like to take a shot in April at the 1600 state record, which the NSAA lists as 4:09.84 by Milo Greder of Omaha Westside in 2017. The best out-of-season mark is a 4:09.29 mile (converts to a 4:07.29 1600) run by Brian Turner of Millard North after the 1998 season.

Nerd Athletes of the Week

Nerd Junior is running the Nerd Athlete of the Week award, and he decided to expand it to all four classes this week. The prize for winning the Nerd award? Just our adoration and a sweet graphic on our social media channels. Here are the Athletes of the Week:

+ Lademi Davies, a junior at Westside, debuted at the triple jump in one winter meet, going 33-05. Coach Preister told me after that meet that the coaching staff thought she was capable of 38-00. They were right. She jumped 38-04 on Saturday along with an 18-09 long jump and a win in the 4x100.

+ Jaylen Lloyd of Omaha Central and Reece Grosserode of Pius split the jumps victories at Westside, but Lloyd gets the nod for his 10.79 100 into a slight headwind along with a 45-06 TJ and 22-07 LJ.

+ Keeli Green of Arlington keeps impressing, running a 2:25 800 along with 18-03 (LJ) and 36-10 (TJ).

+ Dylan Mostek of Bennington went off last week, running a 10.90 100 and jumping 22-07.

+ We knew Story Rasby, a freshman at Sutherland, had her cross country hampered by a mid-season injury. We didn't know she was also a sprinter. She ran a 12.82 100 along with the week's fastest 200/400 times of 25.69 and 57.36.

+ Southern's Connor Bradley, the Class C defending champ in the three sprints, ran 22.33 and 51.99 last week. Umm, yes, he's still good.

+ Julianna Maxfield of Fullerton medaled in the 800 and 1600 at 2021 State, and she's right on track with a 2:26 and 5:47 last week

+ Tony Berger of Riverside, the defending Class D champ in the 110H, ran 15.46 (110H), 43.05 (300H) and jumped 22-03.25 last week.

Notable performances last week


100 - Jaylen Lloyd (Omaha Central) - 10.79, Vince Genatone (North Platte) - 10.82, Dylan Mostek (Bennington) - 10.90, Malachi Coleman (Lincoln East) - 10.95, Zander Reuling (Kearney) - 10.97, Gage Steinke (GICC) - 11.00, Isaiah Zelasney (Osceola) - 11.01, Dominic Sedlacek (Gretna) - 11.03, Steven Dalmeida (Bryan) - 11.03, Brody Krusemark (Pender) - 11.03, Ryan Birkby (St. Paul) - 11.05, Grant Schere (Waverly) - 11.06

200 - Zyon Knox (Bryan) - 22.08, Micah Moore (Fremont) - 22.32, Connor Bradley (Southern) - 22.33, Brayton Johnson (GICC) - 22.37, Gave Miles (Lincoln East) - 22.54, Rylan Birkby (St. Paul) - 22.55, Dominic Sedlacek (Gretna) - 22.65, Ryker Evans (Hi-Line) - 22.88

400 - Mitchell Deer (Sidney) - 50.68. Tyson Baker (Fremont) - 51.01, Ezra Stewart (Platteview) - 51.16, Connor Wells (St. Paul) - 51.26, Caleb Mulder (Columbus) - 51.32, Connor Millikan (Platteview) - 51.34, Zyon Knox (Omaha North) - 51.51, Brayton Johnson (GICC) - 51.66, Christian Lanphier (Prep) - 51.70, Isaiah Zelasney (Osceola) - 51.91, Connor Bradley (Southern) - 51.99

800 - David Goldsmith (Millard North) - 2:01.74, Bradey Taylor (Fremont) - 2:01.97, Cole Murray (Waverly) - 2:02.15, Ben Alberts (GICC) - 2:02.69, August Scholting (Wisner-Pilger) - 2:04.75, Alex Christo (Boone Central) - 2:04.82, Daniel Bashtovoi (Sidney) - 2:04.89, Oscar Aguado (Lexington) - 2:05.59, Tanner Cooper (Norris) - 2:05.61, Kolter Van Pelt (Stanton) - 2:06.50,

1600 - Gabe Hinrichs (Elkhorn South) - 4:17.72, Jack Witte (Millard West) - 4:21.20, Braden Taylor (Fremont) - 4:22.52, Colby Erdkamp (Gretna) - 4:24.74, Carson Noecker (Cedar Catholic) - 4:30

3200 - Gabe Hinrichs (Elkhorn South) - 9:08.09, Carson Noecker (Cedar Catholic) - 9:22, Carter Waters (Fremont) - 9:26.18, Piercze Marshall (Millard West) - 9:28.93, Isaac Graf (Lincoln East) - 9:40, Luke Bonifas (Adams Central) - 9:59.22, Ian Salazar-Molina (Lexington) - 10:12.35, Elijah Dix (Plattsmouth) - 10:23

110H - D'Andre Ndugwa (Kearney) - 14.48, Tony Berger (Riverside) - 14.90, Tyler Carroll (Central City) - 14.90, Noah Smith (Gretna) - 15.00, Evan Shephard (Ashland-Greenwood) - 15.02, Gage Fries (Minden) - 15.15, Hogan Wingrove (Waverly) - 15.32, Cameron Shriver (Auburn) - 15.35, Kamdyn Swartz (Wahoo Neuman) - 15.38

300H - Cameron Zink (Ogallala) - 40.87, Malachi Swallow (Chadron) - 41.30, Beau Ruskamp (Wisner-Pilger) - 41.54, Ashton Sagehorn (Fremont) - 41.61, Curtis Tchibozo (Omaha Northwest) - 41.65, Grant Hunsaker (Millard North) - 41.92, Dash Bauman (Lincoln East) - 42.00, Gage Fries (Minden) - 42.10, Zane Eggleston (Broken Bow) - 42.15, Evan Shephard (Ashland-Greenwood) - 42.15

4x400 - Waverly - 3:28.75, Fremont - 3:34.25, Pierce - 3:34.65

4x800 - Sidney - 8:17, Fremont - 8:18, Millard West - 8:22, Lexington - 8:38

LJ - Landon Olson (Battle Creek) - 22-07.50, Jayln Lloyd (Omaha Central) - 22-07, Dylan Mostek (Bennington) - 22-07, Tony Berger (Riverside) - 22-03.25, Chayton Bynes (Chadron) - 22-02.75, Dylan Crumley (Columbus) - 22-01.50, Carsen Staehr (Aurora) - 21-11.50, Preston Witulski (Beatrice) - 21-10.50,

TJ - Reece Grosserode (Pius) - 46-06, Jaylen Lloyd (Omaha Central) - 45-06, Chayton Bynes (Chadron) - 44-05, Tony Berger (Riverside) - 43-00.50

HJ - Malcolm Tonje (Omaha Central) - 6-05, Zach Myers (Shelton) - 6-04, Ethan Eloe (Amherst) - 6-04,Micah Biltoft (Sandy Creek) - 6-04, Mason Combs (Wilber-Clatonia) - 6-04, Elliott Nottlemann (Bancroft-Rosalie) - 6-03, Jesnon Anderson (St. Cecilia) - 6-03

PV - Drew Sellon (Fremont) - 14-00, Ashton Pulliam (Wilber-Clatonia) - 13-07, Branson McDonald (McCook) - 13-06, Jack Oettinger (North Platte) - 13-06, Paul Lampert (Prep) - 13-06, Kalen Knott (Seward) - 13-04, Owen Kaps (Bertrand) - 13-0, Ben Alberts (GICC) - 12-07

SP - Nathan Baldwin (Sutton) - 59-06.25, Nic Davis (North Platte) - 58-11.25, Sam Cappos (Lincoln East) - 56-10, Andrew Schmitz (Papio LaVista) - 54-023, Jay Ballard (Boys Town) - 54-00, JT Brands (Oakland Craig) - 51-04, Landon Ternus (Columbus Lakeview) - 51-03, Carson Ortmeier (Fremont Bergan) - 51-02, Tyson Kreshel (Wilber-Clatonia) - 50-10, Kamden Dustako (Stanton) - 50-01.5,

DT - Nic Davis (North Platte) - 172-06, Caiden Fredrick (Papio South) - 169-01, Cale Bessler (Crete) - 165-08, Carson Lavaley (Wahoo) - 165-07, Sebastian Kramer (Medicine Valley) - 162-05, Carson Fehlhafer (Centennial) - 161-08, Jay Ballard (Boys Town) - 161-04.50, Joe Kieny (Prep) - 160-06.50, Carter Mann (Burwell) - 159-09, Matt Rink (Lincoln Southwest) - 157-08, Nathan Baldwin (Sutton) - 155-07, Hunter Carpenter (Bancroft-Rosalie) - 150-00


100 - RaeAnn Thompson (Falls City) - hand-timed 12.3. Taylor Bredthauer (Norris) - 12.34, Zakeirah Johnson (Burke) - 12.43, Morgan Mahoney (Beatrice) - 12.44, Elizabeth Wemhoff (Columbus freshman) - 12.47, Kennedy Wade (Bennington) - 12.55, Jaida Rowe (LSW) - 12.62, Avery Couch (David City) - 12.81, Story Rasby (Sutherland) - 12.82, Kylie Kloster (Logan View) - 12.93

200 - Story Rasby (Sutherland) - 25.69, Jaida Rowe (LSW) - 26.02, Kennedy Wade (Bennington) - 26.9, Morgan Mahoney (Beatrice) - 26.25, Kashae Harbour (Omaha North) - 26.29. Makaia Baker (Cozad) - 26.35, Sadie Millard (Millard West) - 26.51, Payton Dzingle (Kearney Catholic freshman) - 26.63, Ella Gardner (Superior) - 26.65, Jacie Lexilius (Lincoln Christian) - 26.70

400 - Story Rasby (Sutherland) - 57.36, Bryn McNair (Chase County) - 58.26, Brooke Rose (Gretna) - 59.42, Sadie Millard (Millard West) - 59.94, Shawna Wilkinson (McCook) - 1:00.11, Elise Madden (Elkhorn South) - 1:00.15, Alonna Depalma (Waverly freshman) - 1:00.27, Josi Noble (Cross County) - 1:01.23, Jacie Rexilius (Lincoln Christian) - 1:01.25, Nonic Oelling (LSW freshman) - 1:01.53, Laney Kathol (Cedar Catholic) - 1:01.61

800 - Stella Miner (Westside) - 2:12.10, Jaci Sievers (Elkhorn South) - 2:21.52, Deavion Deleon (Papio South) - 2:21.71, Bryn McNair (Chase County) - 2:23.36, Brynn Hirschfeld (York) - 2:26.85, Petyon Svela (Lincoln East) - 2:26.89, Shawna Wilkinson (McCook) - 2:27.34, Sydney Stodden (Elkhorn North) - 2:28.79, Laney Kathol (Cedar Catholic) - 2:28.84, Maeli Meier (Overton) - 2:31.97

1600 - Mia Murray (Lincoln East) - 5:20.46, Brynn Hrschfeld (York) - 5:22.89, Kassidy Stuckey (York) - 5:23.22, Isabelle Hartnett (Millard West) - 5:23.68, Isabella Bricker (Gretna) - 5:26.13, Jordyn Arens (Crofton) - 5:38, Lindee Henning (Ogallala) - 5:43.31, Alayna Vargas (St. Cecilia) - 5:44.00, Julianna Maxfield (Fullerton) - 5:47.78

3200 - Jaci Sievers (Elkhorn South) - 10:53.73, Brianna Rinn (LSW) - 11:20, Isabelle Hartnett (Millard West) - 11:26.82, Claire White (Westside) - 11:36.35, Kassidy Stuckey (York) - 11:43

100H - Adrianna Rodencal (Lincoln Lutheran) - 14.38, Kate Campos (Pius) - 14.68, Jaida Rowe (LSW) - 14.74, Kailynn Gubbels (Arlo) - 14.89, Paige Horne (Scottsbluff) - 15.61, Grace Mustard (Scotus) - 15.63, Regan Hordhausen (Axtell) - 15.81, Leah Grant (Auburn) - 16.22

300H - Kate Campos (Pius) - 44.68, Jaida Rowe (LSW) - 47.54, Abigail Frey (Omaha Northwest) - 47.80, Nyasia Thomas (Omaha North) - 47.82, Rachel Smith (Lincoln East) - 48.09, Kaitlyn Mousel (Adams Central) - 48.50, Jerzee Milner (Chase County) - 48.84, Adrianna Rodencal (Lincoln Lutheran) - 49.09, Kennedy Stanley (Syracuse) - 49.90, Kate Griess (Sutton) - 49.32, Paige Horne (Scottsbluff) - 49.44

4x400 - Gretna - 4:13.85, Waverly - 4:14.29, Northwest - 4:15.42, Cedar Catholic - 4:16.71

4x800 - Westside - 9:56, Pierce - 10:22, McCook - 10:24

LJ - Lademi Davies (Westside) - 18-09, Keeli Green (Arlo) - 18-03, Taylor Bredthauer (Norris) - 18-01.75, Ella Gardner (Superior) - 17-10.75, Joselyn Olson (Columbus) - 17-05.25, Kyra Wooden (Centura) - 17-04.75, Imani Skanes (Omaha Northwest) - 17-04.50, Karsyn Leeling (Sidney) - 17-04.5, Kamdyn Stanley (Syracuse) - 17-02.50, Jordyn Carr (Allen) - 17-01.50, Lilee Kaasch (Millard South) - 17-01

TJ - Lademi Davies (Westside) - 38-04, Keeli Green (Arlo) - 36-10, Lille Kaasch (Millard South) - 36-07, Avery Couch (David City) - 36-06.25, Isabelle Rich (Kearney) - 36-06, Grace Henry (Elkhorn South) - 36-00, Josi Noble (Cross County) - 35-10.50

HJ - Bryn McNair (Chase County) - 5-05, EJ Brown (Elkhorn South freshman) - 5-04, Sydney Davis (Centura) - 5-04, Chloe Hanel (Clarkson) - 5-03, Haven Zimmerman (Conestoga) - 5-03, Margaret Haarberg (Kearney Catholic) - 52-02.25, Sarah Spahr (Milford) - 5-02,

PV - Maria Kimpson (Papio South) - 11-07, Kennedy Stanley (Conestoga) - 10-08.50, Marissa Rerucha (GICC) - 10-07, Bradie Medina (Holdrege) - 10-06, Hailey Newill (Fremont) - 10-06, Savannah Bishop and Allyson Dutoit (Elkhorn North) - 10-00, Mya Zohner (Battle Creek) - 10-00

SP - Sage Burbach (Norris) - 43-02.50, Jessica Stieb (Arcadia-LC) - 42-09.75, Kinsley Ragland (Lincoln North Star) - 41-03.50, Jozy Pieper (Pierce) - 41-03, Nyaluet Diew (South Sioux) - 40-01.50, Elly Piper (Pierce) - 39-11.50, Avery Franzen (Kearney) - 39-06.50, Lily Vollertsen (Syracuse) - 38-10.50, Emmily Berglund (Shelton) - 38-08, Meg Anderson (West Point-Beemer) - 38-04

DT - Lovely Hibbert (Seward) - 137-09.50, Shayla Meyer (Superior) - 136-09, Sasha Perrin (Howells-Dodge) - 131-02, Ella Jacobson (Holdrege) - 128-04, Emmily Berglund (Shelton) - 12-05, Kate Osterhaus (Norris) - 126-06, Ellie Piper (Pierce) - 124-09, Taylor Arp (Arlo) - 122-11, Ellie Lloyd (Yutan) - 120-05, Camille Stauffer (Milford) - 118-00,

Performance lists

The long 'notable performance' list above will likely be our last; we're upgrading. Possibly to the detriment of their grades, Nerd the Third and Nerd Junior have been absolutely grinding on developing a performance list that includes not only data from but also from results that don't make it to that site. We have been working our tails off to find results for every meet we can so that there are accurate performances lists for Class C and D. Look for us to post that information in the next week.

Photos on our Facebook page

We have posted photos for three events we attended last week: Columbus, Platteview and Westside. All of those photos are available for download by athletes, family and schools at We work pretty darn hard to take all of these photos, so we do restrict media from using our photos without explicit permission. Our photo policy is at, where you can also find a listing of every event we've shot over the last two years.

Help a Nerd in need

I hate to publicly shame the guy, but I ran into a Westside track official who told me that he only found out about Prep Running Nerd last week. This is one of the saddest stories I have ever heard, but I hear it every week. If you're on this website, you know the truth: no media outlet posts more photos, writes more original content or works harder to promote T&F and XC than the all-volunteer Nerd team. Unfortunately, there are about 100,000 T&F fans in Nebraska who haven't even heard of us. They sit in their houses all day long, lights off and sipping on Gatorade, just hoping for one article about track and field in the local newspaper might. You have to help us save these these people. Ask your coach to share the Nerd's Twitter and Facebook accounts and website with the T&F families. Spread the word on social media. Expand the world of track Nerds.

Nebraska Track & Field Festival

Registrations are now open for the TrackFest22 at Papio South on April 19. This meet allows competitors from all four classes to compete against one another, and it's an extremely well-run meet with sweet awards, live video and great announcing. We encourage coaches to check out the website at and consider sending your best athletes to this event.

Commit list

There's been a flurry of commitments during the past week and we probably haven't kept up with them. Take a look at our commitment list at and then DM or e-mail us at if we're missing your favorite athlete.

Too early to be thinking of cross country?

Charles Cover, the XC coach at Weeping Water, is looking for teams for Weeping Water's new home meet on August 25th. Four teams are already lined up, and the meet will include varsity, JV and junior high. While the target is probably Class C and D, he'd be open to JV teams from larger schools. Shoot Charles an e-mail at if you're interested.

Brad Jenny (Doane), Ryan Mahoney (Hastings), Matt Beisel (Concordia) and Brady Bonsall (University of Nebraska Kearney) will be working with high school cross country students on Tuesday, July 12, 2022 in Cozad, NE. This is a great opportunity for both runners and coaches to learn from college coaches and athletes. Here's the brochure.

Cozad Cross Country Camp Flyer 2022
Download PDF • 166KB

Coming up

We're still watching the weather and our work/school schedules to see which meets we can hit this week. We've asked for your feedback and have found over 30 meets scheduled for this week; that list (and live links if they exist) are listed at That page includes links to results for 36 track meets held last week.

Every few years we take a deep dive into a compelling story, and we're going to post a new long-form article this weekend. At almost 5,000 words, it's not a quick read. However, it's one of the best stories I've heard in a while, and it all started with a tip from Patrick Grosserode of Trackville.

Is it too early to be excited about the Harold Scott meet to be held in Lincoln on Thursday, April 21st? That will be the only time prior to State that Stella Miner, Elli Dahl and Jaci Sievers will compete at the same meet.

Don't be a stranger

What's the best way for us to learn about great stories? It's when fans and coaches find us at a track meet or send us a DM/e-mail. Mya Emerson is a great story; I never would known about her if Eric Gottschalk hadn't chased me down at Platteview. Even if you don't have a story, come find us at a track meet; we'll be wearing Nerd gear and carrying very large cameras.

Yes, we make mistakes

Did you find any errors in this article? We know there are likely a few, so shoot us a DM on Twitter or Facebook, or e-mail us at

**************************************** Originally written for and posted at by Jay Slagle. Did you love reading about Nebraska high school running? Visit for rankings, results, photos, long-form articles, frequent updates our blog page, and a bunch of other cool stuff that only running nerds would think to do. If you want to see meet photos or just need to kill a few hours on social media, follow @PrepRunningNerd on Twitter and Instagram, or on Facebook at

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